Walker Dance

The mission of Walker Dance is to provide quality, affordable, God honoring dance instruction while allowing dancers to maximize their creative potential and achieve their individual dance goals.

When Joy Lynn Ferenc was just 5 years old, she watched a ballet performance of The Nutcracker on PBS while sitting on the floor of her grandmothers house in Claridge, Pennsylvania.  Watching the ballerinas float across the stage like angels, Joy knew that she HAD to learn to do what those dancers did so well.  A few years went by and while Joy waited to begin her formal dance lessons, she started teaching herself to dance at home.  She would watch, she would imitate, she would practice until she fell down; Her love of dance had begun and in it she experienced a joy like no other.  Joy Walker began her dance education as Joy Lynn Ferenc in 1985 with Janet Naughton of Irwin, Pennsylvania.  Joy had an ongoing love for ballet and also studied Jazz and Tap.  Advancing quickly in her dance school, Joy was promoted to dance en pointe at age 11- only two years after beginning her formal dance education.  Joy also began to study with Russian ballet instructor, Kasanov, in Level Green, Pennsylvania which helped hone her classical ballet style.  Upon further advancement, Joy joined the competition dance lines with Janet Naughton and her school of dance, dancing Monday through Thursday each week as well as various weekends.  Joy has won numerous regional and national competitions in various dance categories, including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, and Pointe.

Joy began student teaching with Janet Naughton at the age of 15 alongside Jolene Senchur and Kelly Snyder Gebadlo.  When Joy graduated from high school in 1994, she was teaching several of her own classes of ballet, tap, and jazz with children ranging in age from 4-16.  Joy choreographed recital numbers as well as competition routines for her students, and the dancers traveled in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and South Carolina to perform their competition routines.  Her students have won at all levels of competition.  Many of Joys former classmates also have their own dance companies and have become quite accomplished in their professional dance careers; Terrah Aldi, Amy Orlandi Cannon, Kelly Gebadlo (Soul Steps Dance), Jen McManus Dudek, Carolyn Cooper.  Janet Naughton had been an inspiration to them all.

Joys love for dance has never faded.  Joy and her husband, Chad, were married in 2001 and have two children; Madison and Christian.  While their family was growing, Joy was an Assistant Vice President of a large retail bank in Orlando, FL where they lived for nine years.  Although Joy was successful in her banking career, she realized that God was calling her to use the talent He gave her to help others.

Upon relocating with her family to South Carolina, Joy was presented the beautiful opportunity to fulfill her passion – sharing her love of dance with children of all ages while at the same time being able to enjoy more time with her family.

Joy started her own dance company, Walker Dance, In October 2012, with the purpose of providing affordable, quality, God Honoring dance instruction to the members of Cathedral Academy and preschool as well as the surrounding communities.  At Walker Dance, every dancer is given group and individual instruction that will help them to maximize their full dance potential and achieve their dance goals.  Joy has a dance room in her home where private and small group lessons are available upon request.

The fall of 2014 began a new collaboration with Cathedral Sessions when Walker Dance joined the Sessions family of creative arts.  A beautiful new dance studio/classroom at Cathedral Academy allows all Walker Dancers ample space and opportunity to learn and grow in the art of Dance.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” – Psalm 150:6